Latest Work / Mixed Media

47CM X 36CM

Part of a series depicting the struggle for the return of the skulls and heads taken by Germany to be returned home to their people. Given ethical considerations the actual imagery of the decapitated heads was not used – rather a generic outline was drawn of a sideways head. This was covered and soaked in blank ink and ‘printed’ onto specialist wallpaper that provided a textured surface for the ink to soak in. Using white marker pen against this stark black background the incredibly powerful words of the prayer read by Ms Utjiua Muinjangwe before entering the room at Freiberg University is written:

“my beloved forefathers and mothers
I am here about to observe your skulls
To you my ancestors whose bodies
Are scattered with headless bodies in Namibia
As your skulls were shipped to Germany
Allow me To Enter as I trace your Spirits”

A simple piece where the words and dignity are left to speak to the viewer